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Photo inspections:

Rope access services provide variety of solutions. When our customers need more detailed information about condition of surface or condition of steel structure we perform visual and photo inspection of buildings, bridges or any high structures. Each spot or crack which has to be examined by a qualified engineer will be recorded and photographed. We also take dimensions of the affected areas using laser measurement tools.

When the job is done, data is transferred to customers’ computer, recorded on CD or emailed to the customers.

Dam inspections:

Most of the dams need to be inspected on regular basis. We carry out surface and tensioned anchors inspection for our customers on a regular basis. By using power washing systems and special tools our qualified personnel clean up any part of the dam, including difficult to access areas. We also provide dam inspections using photo and video tools.

For more detailed specialized inspections we organised safe and secure access for customer’s inspectors.

We have great experience working together with ESB and ESBI on dam inspections.

Façade work:

We offer façades surveys and repairs on high multi-store buildings on both finished and unfinished constructions. This is applicable to internal atriums where the use of MEWP or scaffolding is not possible due to high cost and time pressure. In order to avoid disruption of normal work schedule, we can do all works at night time or over the weekend.

Atrium work:

Rope access techniques are great benefit for carrying out different types of maintenance works in atriums. These include small repairs, painting of the structure and cleaning.

Sealant application:

We can help our customers save money and time by offering sealant application of mastic and silicone inside or outside the buildings. You, as a customer, don't need to worry about any MEWP or scaffolding, because we use rope access techniques, to provide fast and top quality work.

Bridge inspections:

Using rope access techniques we perform bridge inspections on concrete or/and steel structures. Inspections are important to prevent serious structure defects like corrosion or collapse of the structure. Fastest, cost efficient and most effective way to do this is to use rope access services.

Replacement of glass panels:

Rope access techniques in combination with our mobile lifting systems, are ideal to be used on height and difficult to access parts of the building where the glass replacement is required. All lifting and rope access operations are carried out by our experienced personnel with background in glazing and lifting systems.

Cleaning Services:

We provide industrial cleaning on difficult to access areas, including confined space cleaning and power washing.

Confined space:

In confined spaces, like silos, penstocks, towers, chimneys etc. rope access is an ideal method of access. We offer visual and photo inspection. Our qualified personnel are confined access certified, appropriately trained and have specific rescue plan and equipment.

Painting services:

Our rope access painting methods offer an efficient, high quality, cost effective alternative to other high access methods. We work in partnership with JS McCarthy Limited, one of the leaders on Irish market in industrial coating and lining applications.

Anchor points:

Our staff is fully qualified for installing and testing various anchor types for rope access jobs, work restraint tasks, fall arrest systems, rope access anchor points.

Supervision and assistance:

If customers need to involve their own personnel to conduct specific work at height, we offer supervision and assistance services. We can arrange appropriate training for customer’ staff and supply all necessary rope equipment to conduct works. Our IRATA Level 3 supervisors will organise access, rig ropes, assist operational staff and supply necessary documentation in compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

Maintenance Advice:

We advise our customers on anchor point systems for upcoming cleaning and repairs. Our expert advice will make your maintenance and repairs at height easier in the future.

Suspended platforms:

Fabricated from aluminium and galvanized steel, suspended platforms is a combination of hoist and stage platforms, a complete modular light weight suspended access system. It is a cost effective way to rig sophisticated shapes.

 Ranging from 1.5 to 12 m platform can easily be handled and assembled by 2 men. Fast and easy, assembly in less than half an hour, only hand tools are required as all joints are made by means of connection pins and secured with safety pins. There is no need to install any additional anchoring systems. All roof gear and weight baskets could come on mobile wheels.

Double system of wire ropes makes one of the safest suspended systems with motor and back-up sky lock. Length and configuration of suspended platforms can vary. Safe work load is up to 600kg. Suspended platforms or cradles are an invaluable solution when it is necessary to organise access to difficult area.

Mobile lifting systems:

Abseil Access Limited provides various types of mobile lifting systems, both electric and mechanical, such as cradles, temporary anchoring points for lifting, repairs and replacement of glass and stone panels, window frames etc. Benefit of using our lifting systems is their mobility. They are easy to install and dismantle, without any impact to the building structure.

Any of the above mentioned services could be blended and used in different combinations. One of the key benefits of rope access services is the flexibility.

You tell us what you need, and we will find the solution!